Timm has been playing bass for 39 years, locally and nationally, and has toured the world and recorded with artists such as Paul Collins Beat, Josie Cotton, Dwight Twilley, and the Grammy Award nominated artist, Peter Case. 

Some of the artists/bands Timm has performed with include: Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Soul Asylum, Hank Williams III, Blue Oyster Cult, BoDeans, The Offspring, Social Distortion, and Violent Femmes. 

Locally, Timm is a singer/songwriter for the seminal indie rock band, Rebel Waltz. Regarding cover bands, he has previously been in the bands Half Empty and Naughty Monkey. He later co-founded the band, American Honeys (now Model Citizens), before moving on to play with Grand Union for the last 8 years. 

Timm was named the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Bass Player of the Year for 2016 and is a 2-time WAMI winner and 18-time nominee.